// Acoustic Consultation

We believe the acoustic properties and performance of a venue or listening space are as important as the technology installed. The physical structure and layout of a room can have a profound effect on sound quality. Technology and acoustics work hand-in-hand to deliver the optimum experience. With this in mind, we design audio systems and acoustic spaces that complement each other.

Advanced measurement and simulation systems are used to analyse the performance of the sound system and acoustic space, including parameters such as room reverb time, Speech Transmission Index (STI), audience coverage and Privacy Index. Analysis of this data can be used to identify key areas for improvement in a cost effective way.

We supply and install a range of acoustic treatment systems from plain wall panels and ceiling baffles to complex shape panels and ceiling clouds. Panels with custom high resolution images can also be supplied. Our acoustic designer will work closely with you to select a solution to suit your corporate brand or personal taste.

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